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Notices and flyers of local area upcoming events and activities, that are often not included in our parish bulletin due to space limitation, are posted on the church bulletin boards. You may wish to take the time to read them; perhaps something may interest you.


Not Married in the Catholic Church?

For various reasons, couples choose to be civilly married but did not have a religious celebration in the Catholic Church. According to Church teaching, Catholics who marry are required to have their unions celebrated in the Catholic Church in order to participate in the church’s sacramental life.

As recent parent meetings for sacramental preparation have raised, this situation often poses problems for families raising children. For those who are civilly married and did not have a previous marriage celebrated in the Catholic Church requiring an annulment, the process to have the marriage validated or blessed by the Catholic Church is usually not complicated.  If you find yourself in this situation, please consider making an appointment to speak with Fr. Kerrigan or Fr. Antonio to discuss what may be done.